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NodeJs can do many things. It can even run things that it can't do itself. For instance, I have a shell script that I don't want to rewrite in Javascript, so I want my Node app to run the shell script. No problemo.

The docs indicate a number of ways you can kick off child processes. In my case, I wanted to use spawn.

Import the child_process library:

var spawn = require('child_process').spawn;

Now you have spawn available to call. Just send it the right stuff. I have a script that I want to run. The command I'll actually run is sh, and I'll pass the name of the script to it in the 2nd parameter. I can also specify other options in the 3rd parameter. For instance, I want this to execute in a certain directory and with certain commands available to it via the PATH variable. And so:

var _ = require('underscore'); // for some utility goodness
var deploySh = spawn('sh', [ '' ], {
  cwd: process.env.HOME + '/myProject',
  env:_.extend(process.env, { PATH: process.env.PATH + ':/usr/local/bin' })

This will execute the shell script. There are other callback events that you may/not want to set to grab the data that comes back from the process, such as 'data', 'end', or 'exit'.

Rock that!

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